The story

How can we make the profession as a truck driver safer?

That was the question Jonas Svanholm asked himself during his time at a major swedish truck manufacturer.

That question was the ignition for the connected safety vest, that grew into a project at the manufacturer.

Safety goes beyond truck drivers

The project was sold from the manufacturer and Swanholm Technology AB was founded by Jonas with the mission to offer smart connected safety products for exposed professions as well as for people with an active lifestyle.

We strive to make exposed professions and activities safer by making work wear smarter and connected.

The Connected Safety Vest is our first product that will be available for the European market in 2022.

Your safety matters. In every situation.

To us it’s a no brainer – every workplace should provide a safe, healthy and productive work environment. When you’re at work you may find yourself in vulnerable situations like working alone, in the dark, or during tough weather conditions you should never have to worry about “what if”.

We got you covered. We have thought of those situations and made a product that will make sure a person close to you will be alerted if something were to happen. The solution is not complicated nor complex, it’s a vest. A smart safety vest. Or connected workwear if you prefer.

In the dark and during heavy rain – you will be visible for traffic.

If you were to slip and fall – the vest will, via your smartphone, alert your contact person. The vest looks like a safety vest and is classified as EN 471 class 2 but we added the extra – smart (AI and Bluetooth) – part, the part that make you connected to the ones that cares about you. We talk about the worklife but of course this also applies when you engage in different activities outside work as well. Safety should never be compromised.

Why this? For your safety. It’s that simple.


It is built up of two main components - a powerful motion-controlled AI and state of the art printed lights for more visibility. With Bluetooth technology, the vest connects to an app on your phone where you set your emergency contacts.

By sensing the movement of the person, the AI enables the vest to light up when exiting a work vehicle cabin like for example a truck, an excavator or a wheel loader.

In the event that you accidentally stumble and fall, the vest will automatically start flashing to alert nearby people. The contact function on your phone is then activated, to alert your emergency contacts with your geographical location. The Connected Safety Vest has a patent pending.

AI technology sensored vest
Swanholm Technology's Application
  • Steer the active printed lights
  • Fall detection – detects accidents
  • Emergency contact – send message to contact if accidents occurs with map data
  • Over the air updates – The vest will be able to be updated to have the latest safety software installed